Bowling shoes pix 01

Alex gets all the harry man rectum he needs with these sexy bowling shoes his mom bought him.

Upon asking for an Xbox 360 for christmas, Alex gloated to all his friends about his future gift. Instead of receiveing the Xbox, however, he got a pair of bowling shoes. Alex cryed for 9 days to his fat bitch mother about how much he had wanted the Xbox instead, until he realized that having bowling shoes ment he could go to a Bowling ally.� Alex quickly discovered that the bowling ally was a prime place to pick up boys, and that the shoes he had gotten were getting him all the man ass� he could ever wish for.

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Unfortunately upon his foot entering,a rhinoceros went up his ass, and the shoe broke. So not even bowling boys will get some of alexs foot action, but did recieve anal penetration from a cigarette butt, covered in pupic hair that was also used for his dinner.