Tate shiho gatame

The move that Alex likes to call "The Ass Driller"

Judo is an outlet for Alex to release his sexual frustrations on unsuspecting men. Alex shows up at Judo only occasionally, as he is usually eating burritos at lunch and is far too busy to take part in physical activity.

Upon arriving at Judo, Alex takes pleasure in undressing slowly, imagining everyone else in the room is impressed by his muscular physique. Occasionally he will attempt to fight naked, but has never done so, as most of the Judo class will refuse to fight even a fully clothed Alex.

After striping down and putting on his Judo attire, Alex begins to fight with his favorite man bitch, Jeffery Gaetz.


From years of being teased about his sexuality, Alex has developed a liking for many types of moves in Judo. Alex chose Judo as his martial art of choice, due to its "grappling" techniques, where he will pretend to be exhausted to lay for hours with his partner.

Alex is too mentally handicapped to retain any Japanese names for moves so he simply calls them the slang terms he has picked up from his fellow GSA friends. Some of these favored moves are (what he calls): The Butt Plugger, The 69, The Ass Driller and The Nipple Lick.