Picture taken at age 16, when McBitch first fell in love with the motorcycle.

Kyle McBitch as he is known by many, is a short, blond haired kid, 17 years of age, and has been comparable to Justin Beiber. He has never had a girlfriend, the closest he has come has been his motorcycle, which he is currently in love with, and brags about 24/7.

== Personal Bio==

McBitch was home-schooled until grade 4, and upon entering "real school" for the first time, he got punched in the face, and as fate would have it, he also got in trouble for being the victim of this incident

Kyle has a short, fat brother, known only as Lard-o, who has been known to get his "coolness" up by playing GTA 4 with his uncle, who he loves, and wants to have a pedophilic romance with. Since this is a page about Kyle, I won't go into detail about him.

Kyle McBitch is part of the faggoty PS3 owners, although he had bought an Xbox, he sold it as it apparently was crap.



Kyle is in grade 11 at Dartmouth High School, and has been seen drawing penises all over unwilling victims binders, and even going as far as sculpting them out of clay, being careful to make them as detailed as he can, claiming his are always the best. He has been known to side with James Charman in this "gentalia art" and even tried to persuade him to present a sculpted penis as an art project.

In grade 10, however, when Kyle started his obsession with male gentalia, he also had another thing he had to put up with; the constant comparisons to Justin Bieber. This was started by an unknown person (source needed, please update), and is another way to show his homosexuality.

Kyle also has been seen getting stalked down hallways by groups of grade 10 girls, but seems to have no interest in them. Yes, many of them were very unattractive, but I think this was another sign. Multiple grade girls have complimented him on his seemingly Asian hair, but this seems to provoke a sense of nervousness and humor in him, again, posing the question about his sexuality. He at one point kept track of the amount of "followers" and admirers of his hair, and was going to make a Facebook page for it, but never got around to it.

Kyle McWilliams

Kyle McWillaims' current appearance, note the faggotry emanating from his body.

Kyle was introduced to the Internets sometime last thursday. Uppon this very action, the internet became tainted. He fail trolled some of his "Friends" for a few weeks with old memes, and general spewage of internet humour. He is gaining a better grip due to being trolled about it, but it is believed that he will never have a true filter when talking about the internets.